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Personal Assistant for Businesses & Offices Tampa, FL

If you’re a professional in today’s world you certainly face what many people refer to as a “full plate.” That is, your schedule dictates that you have little room for wasted time. A personal assistant would be a great help with potentially dozens of tasks. Assistant Pro offers you a team of individuals with a diverse set of skills. We carefully review your private profile and assign the right person to do tasks you need them to finish.

Assistant Pro provides a range of office and business personal assistant and concierge services that include:


  • Initial Contact – A common challenge in any market is making initial contact with a new prospect. Our team would be happy to be the initial contact for your new leads. A simple information questionnaire — specific to your industry — will ensure that your followup call will be productive.
  • Document Creation – Whether it’s a questionnaire, daily processes checklist, flyer, mailer, or feedback form, your Assistant Pro can start with a blank sheet and make it your own. We’ll ask the questions to help understand your needs and create just what you have in mind.
  • In-house Support – Have an appointment? We’ll be the hospitable, professional face that welcomes your client at the door — and the one who keeps them company while they wait. Need assistance setting up the conference room? We can do that too.
  • Invoicing – It’s time to collect payment but getting documents and invoices together can be tedious and time consuming — time that could be spent getting more potential clients and bringing more value to your bottom line. Let us take care of that so you can get on with your business.
  • You’ve Closed the Deal! Now it’s time for feedback and appreciation. We can reach out to your clients for the feedback you need to continuously improve your business. And if you’re feeling generous, we’ll be happy to coordinate a gift, thank you note, or send out a card on your behalf.


  • Scheduling – Never miss a meeting (or be stood up) again! You may either share your calendar with us, or we can help you create one. After which, your assistant will book your appointments, confirm your schedule, and follow-up on cancelled meetings to keep your calendar full and your day productive.
  • CRM Management – In addition to data entry from your lead source, we’ll be happy to upload your new contacts to your CRM system. We’ll format, input, and schedule campaigns to bring your best marketing plans to life. We’ll organize that same data so it can easily be formatted for paper mailings.


  • Filing – We’ll assist in keeping your paperwork systems clean, categorized, and purged as necessary.
  • Desk Organization – No need to fret over a messy desk! Your strength is your industry and ours is just the same. It just so happens that our industry’s specialty is organization. Utilize your assistant to give all of your office supplies and files a home that they’re comfortable in.

Systems Coaching

  • Systems Organization – Upon obtaining a client, every industry requires steps to getting the work done, following up, and closing the deal. If you haven’t identified a system to keep things moving smoothly, we’ll help create one with you. And if you have one already in place, we can assist with tasks.


  • Quarterly Touchbase – Your goals are important to us. With more than 10 years of management experience driving our business, your Assistant Pro knows what it takes to succeed: accountability. Ultimately, the only person holding you accountable is you. We’re just here to ask the right questions and to remind you of your goals and action plans.
  • Weekly Goal Setting – Once you’ve figured out your quarterly goals, we’ll help break them down to weekly/daily goals, so they are more attainable.
  • Last Year Sales Analysis – Determining your market’s trend is a key factor in setting future goals. A best practice of ours is to look back on what you’ve done as a comparison to your future goals — taking into account holiday trends and high/low peak seasons.

Additional Services

It’s imperative to keep in mind that your Assistant Pro is not merely fit for administrative tasks — we are a personal concierge assistant. Meaning, if there is something that you have in mind that is not on this list, please ask. Our motto is “Anything for anyone; anytime, anywhere — as long as it’s moral, ethical, and legal”.

But, we also have people who are trained to get out from behind a desk or computer and work with people! They can do this as well:

  • Corporate Event Planning
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Client and Vendor Management

As your personal concierge assistant, we can cross-over into handling your personal affairs as well:

  • Dry cleaning pick up and drop off
  • Prescription pick up
  • Birthday and anniversary reminders
  • Car wash and maintenance

In regard to sales, marketing, and customer service, you can rest assured we have individuals on our team with extensive experience in these often-requested categories. Our assistants know how to work with all kinds of people and personality types. As expert problem solvers, they’re skilled in meeting a variety of customer needs and delivering the desired results.

Through our ongoing training program, we continually add vital skills to our present staff — equipping them to do even more for you when they’re assigned to your home or office.