Personal Assistant & Concierge Services Tampa, FL

Concierge Services

Let’s face it — although we have multiple devices at our disposal to help us deal with daily responsibilities, life still gets complicated.  Schedule-making never seems to get easier. There are bills to pay, issues to solve about things in the house that aren’t working, job-related matters that seem to pull us in several directions at once — and all of that doesn’t even account for all the regular, everyday stuff that keeps you busy.

You need an assistant.

And not just any assistant – an Assistant Pro personal concierge assistant. We started this business to help you handle it all.

There are multiple downsides to hiring your own helper — that is, if you wanted to employ your own assistant.  You may be forced to pay them for downtime. If that person is injured while on the job, you might have to pay worker’s comp, face insurance increases, and more.  Instead, by calling your Assistant pro, you can avoid all of that — yet gain the multiple advantages of having a personal assistant. We take the risk and hassle out of finding ‘that right person’ who can actually do the job.

Assistant Pro offers you a wide variety of tasks our team can handle.  We have people who can take care of a host of common chores, as well as those who are specialized in different fields — such as sales and marketing or data entry.

As you use one of our personal concierge assistants, we’ll monitor progress and see if we can ‘flex’ in a certain area to better suit your needs.  You’ll find our founder to be open and approachable for any topic or issue that happens to be on your mind. We exist for your benefit!