Holiday Changeover: Transitioning from Thanksgiving to Christmas in a Flash


Thanksgiving has come and gone, so now it’s time to get in the Christmas spirit! It’s time for wintry songs and snowmen decorations, so prepare yourself and your home for all of the holiday cheer that this season has to offer!


You’ve likely got a lot on your mind as you tidy up after a massive harvest dinner, so it’s understandable if you’re a little bit overwhelmed and bogged down with everything that needs to be done. One of the first things you should do is to make a list of everything that needs doing before your last Christmas get-together, regardless of whether that’s in December or January.

Think through each segment of the holiday season and make a separate category of tasks: gift buying, decorating, event planning, attending events, and cleaning up after your own Christmas party! Having an organized to-do list will help your holiday season go much more smoothly and will help to maximize your efficiency.


Allow this portion of the holiday season to help lift your spirits. If you have the room in your budget, allow a little bit of spending to beef up your collection of blow-up snowmen! Whatever makes your heart sing, go for it. This is a season of cheer and giving, so spread as much cheer and joy as you can with your decorating.


First thing’s first: you’ve got to get all of those harvest decorations down and packed away. Save yourself the potential hassle in next year’s setup by organizing every decorative piece and ornament into a specific home. Clean any dirty pieces, replace any broken items, and replenish your stash of fake leaves. As you pack items away into their respective boxes, update the labels and make sure everything is sealed well enough to prevent dust buildup – especially if they will be stored in a basement or an attic.

Take Stock

While it may be extremely tempting to jump right in and toss lights up, it’s always more prudent to have a game plan. Measure out the distance you’ll be hanging lights and purchase any additional items you may need; test each string of lights and replace any blown bulbs. If you’ll be using blow-up decorations, test the fans and check the fabric for rips and mold. In this stage, you’ll be spending an extra few minutes to eliminate multiple runs to the hardware store!

Plan it Out

If you go for the same layout every year, you might not even need to consider this step. Simply have a sense of direction, rather than scattering things across the yard; this could cause you to come up short on supplies or even extension cord yardage. Nothing’s worse than stapling up lights that won’t reach the power strip!


Blast the Christmas tunes, and get to work! This is a great time to call up family members and get them involved in the fun. Try not to look at decorating as a massive chore – have fun with it! Buy some pre-baked Christmas cookies at the store, grab a box of hot coffee from your local shop, and treat everyone who helps you out during the day. Experiences are what we make of them – keep the mood light and fun, and enjoy the holiday spirit with your family and friends.