Fall Cleaning Tips to Prep For the Holiday Season


As if us Moms aren’t busy enough with the day to day routine, Fall (which happens to be my season), seems to be more eventful then any other time of the year! Which means Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas and New Years are about to take over our homes! Over the next few weeks, it’s prime time for fall cleaning and preparations for the festivities. To help you or the mom in your life, we’ve compiled a helpful checklist to get you started.

Time to Purge

Before you tackle cleaning or organizing, it’s probably best to purge first. It can be daunting but go through living spaces, storage areas, and closets. Find those things you can recycle or donate.

Clothes & Accessories

Don’t pack up the summer clothes that no longer fit. Don’t keep those shirts or shoes that you know you won’t wear. This applies to your wardrobe, but also the kids’ closets as well. As you bring out fall and winter items, you’ll have more room and will be more organized with your wearables. Your spring cleaning chores won’t seem so daunting, either.

Toys & Games

Get the kids involved in helping sort through and purging their unused toys. You’ll want to keep the sentimental toys obviously, but anything they can part with you should donate. You can inspire them by telling them they need to make room for any holiday gifts they might hope to receive.

Address Clutter, Piles & Stacks

Everyone has that pile. Or, maybe it’s a common area that collects everyone’s random things. Whether it’s a stack of old pictures you planned to sort, or filing all of the old mail, now’s the best time to get to it. Eliminate your corners of clutter, and clean up your spaces before the guests are slated to arrive for the holidays. You’ll also feel accomplished and more organized once you’ve addressed those subtle nagging messy spots.

What to Clean

Once you feel good about eliminating the unnecessary, you can get down to business with the cleaning and tidying efforts. You’ll be able to vacuum, dust and mop at the last minute. For fall cleaning, there are some seasonal chores you’ll want to accomplish before the holidays get here.

Rearranging & Deep Cleaning

It’s not quite December, but you may need to rearrange some furniture to accommodate your holiday tree later. Fall is a perfect time to get all the big pieces moved, and nooks and crannies dusted. Prepare your dining areas for extra chairs. Dust off the makeshift kids’ tables and create room for everyone.

Spare Room Preparations

You may be entertaining family and friends overnight over the next few months. In this case, you’ll want to address your spare rooms for preparation. Wash the extra linens and dig out the pillows and blankets. You’ll want to make sure your guests have a comfortable place to rest.


Thanksgiving dinner, or other holiday mealtimes, isn’t complete without your preferred selection of dinnerware. You might opt for the fine china, or snowman decorated winter dishes. Whatever you use, you’ll want to have it polished and ready for serving.

Decorate with Your Favorites

Once you’ve organized, arranged and cleaned your home, you can enjoy the decorating for the holidays. Stringing up Halloween cobwebs and carving pumpkins is more enjoyable when the work is done. You’ll have more room, and you’ll feel less stressed. Stay ahead of the chores this fall. Tackle your checklist, and as you check off each task, you’ll feel more accomplished. You’ll be one step closer to enjoying your holiday seasons with everyone.