“Assistant Pro is AH-MAZING! The team at Assistant Pro will take your crazy life and make it wonderful. They have fully-trained experts in whatever service you need, to go above and beyond and give you #yourbestlife. Jennifer Lopez and her team are ready to take on any task. I highly recommend them to anyone!”

– Jessica Sherrill

“The service provided by Assistant Pro has been invaluable to me and my business. I began working with Assistant Pro because I didn’t have the need to hire a full-time employee. After only a few months though, I see more value in the breadth and quality of services I am getting now than I ever could with a single employee. Also, the subscription/by-the-hour model they use is a much more efficient use of my capital.”

– Nate Goldenberg
Owner, NextWave Wealth

“If you could have seen the before and after of my daughter’s room, you would understand the amazing service you receive with Assistant Pro. I have worked with Martha, Lyndsey, Jennifer, and Courtney and they pick up my car and detail it, file folders, take my kids to practice and hair appointments. The best ever personal-to-professional crossover assistant service. Thank you for all you do!”

– Jorgie Franks-Bell

“I’m a small business owner and I’ve been considering hiring a personal assistant for quite a while. In addition to work-related tasks, I needed personal tasks too — like getting an oil change, picking up groceries, etc. Once I hired Assistant Pro, my life improved within 24 hours! They took a BUNCH of tasks off my hands right away. Tasks included washing my car and getting an oil change, getting a handyman to install shelves at the office, restock office supplies, confirm appointments, clean up and reorganize the garage, among many others. This is hands-down one of the best investments we’ve ever made.”

– Isham Harris
CEO, MerchantSide Marketing Group

“Assistant Pro has been an absolute game-changer for me. I own five local businesses, and am a single dad with two teenagers. I’m also blessed with A.D.D. With all of this, I have trouble keeping tasks in order. Jennifer Lopez has built a service that is EXACTLY what I’ve needed for a long time. She’s an organizational genius, and I promise you’ll be impressed when you meet her! For anyone out there who thinks they’re too busy with their job and life, you owe it to that job and that life to get in touch with Jennifer right away…to see just what a difference Assistant Pro can make for you!”

– Kevin J. Overstreet

“Assistant Pro deserves more than 5 stars! They help me with anything I can think of. I even needed a translator to help me with booking an appointment and seeing a client and they are able to help! Seamstress in less than 48 hours turn around? Done! Pick up my dress for me in Tampa because I don’t have time to get there? Done! Run errands and gather things for me? Done! Jennifer and her team are amazing and I don’t know how I would survive without them! Pay my bills (unfortunately with my own money lol)! Done!! I cannot say enough amazing things about them!”

– Amanda Edwards