About Jennifer Lopez Founder Assistant Pro

Assistant Pro is a concierge staffing agency that specializes in assisting middle-class families with everyday, repetitive tasks. In 2018, we were recognized by Creative Loafing for being the Best Start-Up in the Bay — after we helped our clients accumulate well over 3,000 hours in time to spend with their families and find the quality of life they deserve.

We understand that hardworking families spend 40+ hours a week at the office, only to come home to more work — dishes, laundry, meal prep, errands… The list goes on and on. They end up spending their valuable time on things they have to do, instead of doing the enjoyable things they want to do. Assistant Pro solves that problem by implementing our 3-step methodology to systemize and execute tasks efficiently and consistently.

Our Founder/CEO, Jennifer Lopez, puts it simply: “With 4 home-schooled kids, I definitely could’ve kept busy applying our methodology only to my own home. But my grandfather — a man whose pockets I’d scour for candy as a kid — has always inspired me. He was a pilot for King George VI’s Royal Air Force and problem solved with the likes of Winston Churchill in World War II. He had an impact on the world. I can’t solve world peace, but I do know how to make the home a more peaceful place. I believe that’s something worth sharing.”

Our 5-star reviews and 90% client retention rate speaks volumes for the services we provide. Our clients have vastly improved their quality of life since they began delegating their misery to us to spend more time with their families.