9 Things To Do With Those Old Halloween Costumes


Discussing costume ideas this year with your children has prompted you to maybe also dig into the closets to find old costumes. Maybe you have some masks and superhero gear that no longer fits. Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon some of the adult costumes you and your spouse donned for an adult party years ago. You may be wondering how to make use of those leftover costumes. Today, we’ve compiled ten suggestions to help you decide.

1. Sell Your Costumes

If you have props or complete costumes ready to wear, consider selling them. Others will be on the hunt for new-to-them ensembles, and your collection might just be what they’re needing. You can post on Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, or eBay. Do so now to allow enough time for shipping or meeting to exchange. Find a new home for all that gear and make a few bucks too.

2. Donate to Charity

Some families with limited resources rely on local charity and thrift stores for costume ideas. You may want to donate your leftovers to such an organization. You’ll free up some storage for yourself, and be helping someone else this Halloween.

3. Start a Family Costume Closet

If your kids enjoy dressing up, or you know that costumes come in handy for your family during other times of the year, consider creating a family costume closet. Keep all the gowns, tiaras, beards, and masks in one place. Everyone can play, borrow, and have fun year-round.

4. Trade Costumes with Friends

Connect with your circle of friends and take inventory. You might be able to trade with others, purging some of your old costumes, and having fresh ideas from which to choose. Get the most use and mileage out of all your group’s wearables.

5. Save Props for Future Use

Maybe you want to get rid of some things, but that Gandalf staff is pretty cool. Keep it! You can keep the unique props or accessories for potential future use. You never know when you might need a Jack Skellington pin-striped suit or a fake mohawk wig.

6. Find a Costume Swap Event

Keep an eye on local community social media pages and announcements. Your area might offer a costume swap event designed to collect, trade, and sell to the public. You could attend and find new homes for your costumes, and maybe even score some fresh ideas for this year.

7. Host a Costume Party

Keep your pile of costumes and consider hosting a party. Theme parties are fun for kids and adults alike, and you can make use of some of those extra outfits you have lying around.

8. School Plays

Depending on the interests of your children, consider keeping costumes and props now. They can come in handy later for school plays or classroom events.

9. Comic-Con Ideas

If you’re into comics or attending fun and creative Comic-Con type events, keep your costumes and wear them when you participate! That Darth Vader costume from last year would make a fun wearable to one of these comic or movie-related functions.

You can always wear that costume again this year if all else fails. If you’re into handing out candy or attending a local parade, last year’s idea might just be fine again this time around.